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Practice Examination Papers, 2016 Edition 


Celebrate Theory Practice ExaminationsThese papers are excellent tools for testing a student's preparedness for theory examinations and for building student confidence. Each book contains three practice papers to prepare students for theory examinations aligned with the Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition.


Any student may submit a practice paper for assessment even if not registered for a theory examination. The results and examiner's comments are for your reference only and should be used as tools for review and improvement, and will not count toward your official examination mark.

Practice papers submitted for assessment MUST be taken from the Official Examination Papers, 2015 Edition or Practice Examination Papers, 2016 Edition. Assessments do not necessarily reflect your potential performance on a theory examination under normal examination conditions. 

Candidates will receive the assessed paper back through the mail 2 – 3 weeks after the date of the submission. 

Practice Theory Assessment requests may be submitted at anytime during the year. However, if you have registered for an examination, and wish to receive timely feedback, then your Practice Theory Assessment request must be received by no later than the deadlines for submission indicated below:

May/June session (Spring) March 7, 2017
August session (Summer) June 6, 2017

Requests for Practice Theory Assessments received after the respective deadline cannot be guaranteed to be returned to you in time for the relevant examination session. 

To submit your practice paper for review:

  1. Complete any practice theory paper from The Royal Conservatory Official Examination Papers, 2015 Edition or Practice Examination Papers, 2016 Edition.
  2. Download and fill out the Practice Theory Assessment Submission Form.
  3. Mail or email the completed practice paper and Form with the requisite fee of $65 to:

Practice Theory Assessments
The Royal Conservatory
273 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1W2

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