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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about giving to The Royal Conservatory.

1.  Who do I make my cheque payable to?

Please make your cheque payable to The Royal Conservatory of Music.

2.  What is The Royal Conservatory’s legal name?

Our legal name is The Royal Conservatory of Music.

3.  What is The Royal Conservatory’s charitable registration number?

Our charitable registration number is 10793 5413 RR0001.

4.  Does The Royal Conservatory of Music issue tax receipts?

Certainly. We will issue a charitable tax receipt for any donation of $10 or more.

5.  When can I expect my tax receipt?

All gifts are processed immediately and you can expect to receive a receipt within two weeks of making a donation.

6.  I cannot find my receipt. Can I have another one?

Definitely. Just contact the Development office at 416.408.2824 x457 and we will mail you a duplicate receipt.

7.  I tried to make a donation online and ran into problems. How do I get help or find out what happened to my donation? 

We are sorry if you have experienced some difficulty with our online donation form. Please call us at 416.408.2824 x457 to inquire about your donation or to make a gift.

8.  How secure is my information? Does The Royal Conservatory sell, rent, or trade information to other agencies?

The Royal Conservatory does not sell, rent, or trade information with any agency. We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of our donors and website visitors. We use electronic and managerial procedures to secure all information provided to us.

9.  I would like to donate an instrument to The Royal Conservatory. Can I do that?

We gratefully accept gifts of instruments. Please contact Brian Quinn at 416.408.2824 x457 with any questions you may have about donating your instrument(s).

10. What donation methods can I use? 

We accept donations in the following ways:

  • Complete the online donation form with a credit card.

  • Mail a cheque to The Royal Conservatory of Music at The TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, 273 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 1W2.

  • Call us at 416.408.2824 x457 to make a secure donation with your credit card.

  • Drop by our offices at 273 Bloor Street West.

  • Make a gift of securities.

  • Include us in your will.

11. How is my donation used? 

If you choose to direct your gift toward a specific program or initiative at The Royal Conservatory, we will ensure that your contribution is submitted immediately to its intended destination.

If you prefer to submit to our general Royal Conservatory Fund for Excellence rather than specify a designation, your donation will be directed toward an area in the greatest need of support at The Conservatory.

However you choose to submit your gift, you can rest assured that each and every donation makes a difference and is used responsibly according to the donor’s wishes.

12. Where are you located? 

We are located at the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, 273 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 1W2.

13. How can I make a gift of securities?

To make a gift of securities, please follow the instructions outlined on our gifts of securities processing form.

14. Can I make a recurring monthly gift with my credit card?

Definitely. Simply select this option when giving online and we will automatically charge your credit card on the 15th of each month for the designated amount. At year end, we will mail you a tax receipt for the entire year.

15. How can I find out if my employer will match my gift to The Royal Conservatory? 

Visit your Human Resources office at work to inquire about a matching gift program. If your company is eligible, please fill out the donation form given to you by your Human Resources officer and mail it to us. We will take care of the rest!

16. How do I learn more about legacy giving opportunities? 

Visit the Legacy and Planned Giving section of our website. If you have any further questions, please contact Brian Quinn at 416.408.2824 x457 or brian.quinn@rcmusic.ca.

17. Why should I donate to The Royal Conservatory? 

By donating to The Royal Conservatory, you will be playing an instrumental role in helping us continue transforming lives all across Canada using the incredible power of music and the arts. These tools are key to building strong, cohesive, and creative societies, and it is our mission to ensure that every person is able to access them in order to realize his or her full potential.

Every gift generously given in any amount to The Royal Conservatory makes a difference. Become part of our inspiring community of supporters today.

18. Where can I direct my gift? 

While we are grateful for every gift made to The Royal Conservatory, we encourage our supporters to submit their donations to our Royal Conservatory Fund for Excellence. This makes it possible for us to direct gifts to the area in greatest need. We will also accept gifts to any of the following areas:

  • The Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists

  • The ARC Ensemble

  • The Royal Conservatory School

  • The Glenn Gould School

  • Learning Through the Arts

  • Performing Arts

19. Can I set up a scholarship in my name or in the name of a loved one?

Absolutely. To set up a scholarship in your name or in the name of a loved one, please contact Brian Quinn, Development Officer, at 416.408.2824 x457 or brian.quinn@rcmusic.ca.

20. What is the difference between an endowed and an annual scholarship? 

An annual scholarship reflects a donor’s commitment to support a scholarship over a designated number of years. An endowed scholarship creates a permanent fund where contributions are invested to ensure the scholarship retains its value in perpetuity.

21. I reside in the United States; can I make a donation to The Royal Conservatory? 

Many of our donors, alumni, and students are from the United States, and we are pleased to accommodate their tax filing requirements. Visit International Giving for details.

22. Can I make my gift anonymously?

Yes! When making a gift, just indicate that you would like your gift to remain anonymous and we will ensure that your name is not included anywhere gifts are recognized publicly.