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The Royal Conservatory Board of Directors

Mr. Michael M. Koerner, Chancellor
Mr. Tim Price, Chair
Dr. Peter Simon, Michael and Sonja Koerner President & CEO


The Hon. Bob Rae


Mr. Tim Price – Chair
Dr. Peter Simon – Michael and Sonja Koerner President & CEO
Mr. John Macfarlane – Vice Chair
Mr. Henry Hung – Vice Chair
Mr. Tony Flynn – Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Brenda Gardiner – Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Treasurer

Royal Conservatory of Music Foundation (United States)


Mr. Gary Gartner, President
Ms. Shawn St. Michael, Vice-President
Mr. Tony Flynn, Treasurer
Ms. Rebecca A. Koval, Secretary


Mr. John Dunlap
Mr. Tony Flynn
Mr. Gary Gartner
Ms. Rebecca A. Koval
Mr. David Manning
Dr. Peter Simon
Ms. Shawn St. Michael