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Blog Post Guidelines


This document outlines the guidelines for communicating with The Royal Conservatory through its blogs. All of our bloggers are keen to hear your views. In order to promote an open and transparent conversation, Conservatory staff moderates the comments on its blog posts. Moderation, by its very nature, is subjective; however, our moderators are guided by a series of basic guidelines, which appear below. These guidelines include compliance with Canadian law, including copyright law, and regulations pertaining to intellectual property. They are also designed to help you ensure the appropriateness of your posts. If your comment violates any of the guidelines outlined here, it will be flagged or deleted. Otherwise, it will be published so you can continue the ongoing conversation about the Conservatory.


Keep it brief – Please keep your comments under 200 words in length.

Keep it clean – We do not tolerate profanity of any kind in any posts. Keep in mind that a large portion of our audience is composed of children and youth; the tone and content of your comment should reflect that.

Keep it friendly – When disagreeing with others' opinions, keep it appropriate and polite. If you find yourself in a dialogue that is becoming antagonistic and that dialogue is in real time, politely disengage. Avoid slurs, personal attacks or insults, and any comments that demean, humiliate, or embarrass any individual and are made on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability. 

Keep it honest – Do not deliberately misquote or lie about another member.  Moreover, we do not tolerate lying about being a staff moderator or about communications with a staff moderator.

Keep it on topic – Please keep your posts related to the content of the discussion. If off-topic conversation inhibits or prevents on-topic conversation, we consider it comment hijacking, and do not allow it. However, we recognize that natural and open conversation people exchange pleasantries, greetings, congratulations, praise, and other social gestures. As such, we err on the side of facilitating an open conversation, even when that means permitting limited off-topic comments and conversation.

Post individual comments once only – Do not post the same comment multiple times.  Each one will be interpreted as spam and will be removed. 

Respect users’ privacy – Do not post personal information about another community member. Moreover, do not pursue another member from thread to thread or make unwelcome advances of any kind. 

Removing, blocking, and flagging comments

If you posted a comment and it no longer appears on our blog that is because the comment violated the policies listed above. We pride ourselves on providing a medium for engaging stories related to The Royal Conservatory and encourage users to speak their minds freely, provided their comments fall within our guidelines.

If a user consistently posts comments that are abusive, disrespectful, profane, dishonest, off-topic, a Royal Conservatory moderator may decide to ban the IP address of the commenter. This means the abusive commenter is banned from posting to the site in the future, even if other comments adhered to the guidelines listed above.

In addition to monitoring the blog regularly, we rely on our community to alert us to inappropriate posts. If you see a post that does not respect the comment guidelines, let us know by using the "Flag" link and we will act accordingly.