Recording Request: Professional Recording

Please note this form is for requesting a space and professional recording with an engineer. You must submit one form per request (i.e. if you want 2 recording dates, you'll need to submit 2 separate forms). 

The self-recording booking request form is available here.

Before you start

Prior to submitting this form, you must have confirmed the availability of any collaborative musicians you require. Make sure your accompanist is available!

All fields on this form are required in order to submit your request.

Please note that requests on statutory holidays/building closures will be not be considered.


1. You will be asked to select three separate choices of date, time, and hall. The time ranges below do not have specific start or end times in order to provide the greatest scheduling possibilities.

2. You can only select a date that is a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of three weeks from today.

3. Recordings will be scheduled based on your first, second, and third choice of date and time, in priority order. If you specify a hall and it is not available at that date and time range, this choice will be discarded even if the other hall is available. 

Note: Space in the halls is very limited. Hall selection is preset to "either". If you wish to have a specific hall, this will limit the chances of a recording time being available. 

4. You must provide a list of repertoire to be recorded so that the engineer can make plans accordingly.


The fee for a recording is $175. This must be paid prior to the date of the recording. Payment must be made by cheque, debit, or credit card in room 202 during regular business hours.

Recordings will be scheduled in a three hour slot as follows:

  • 30 minutes: engineer setup
  • 15 minutes: sound check, discuss your recording requirements and plan with the engineer
  • 2 hours of recording time
  • 15 minutes: engineer pack up

General Hall Availability

Please note the that following days/times are generally not available:

  • Friday morning, afternoon, early evening 
  • Saturday morning, afternoon
  • Sunday morning, afternoon
  • During Monday or Thursday RCO rehearsals

Confirmation of Recording

Within two business days of submission, you will receive an email confirming your recording date, time, and engineer.

If scheduling was not possible based on your three requests, you will be notified by email that you must submit a new request.


A dropbox link with your files will be sent to you within 1 week. Files will be available for 1 month only. After 1 month, your files will be permanently deleted from our servers, and there will be no method of recovery. It is extremely important that you download, review, and save your recording as soon as it is sent to you.

Cancellations & Changes

Cancellations received within 2 business days of your recording time will be subject to a $50 fee. Cancellations received after this point will subject to the the full charge of $175. Cancellation requests must be emailed to Recording Services

No changes to a submitted request will be accepted. If changes are needed, you must cancel your entire request and submit a new one.

example 416-408-2428

List all repertoire to be recorded.
List additional instruments and musicians (ex. collaborative pianist).