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Whether you are interested in piano lessons, voice, another instrument, or music theory, we can help you find a music teacher.

About the National Music Teacher Directory

All of the teachers in our Directory follow The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program – a comprehensive and effectively sequenced system of music study and national standard of assessment that provides the strongest foundation for well-rounded musical training, from beginner to advanced levels.

Teachers in your region will be listed in order of geographic proximity to the postal code you entered in your search. If your search does not return results, please ensure the postal code is input correctly and/or expand your search radius.

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Finding a Music Teacher

Once you've found a music teacher through the RCM National Music Teacher Directory database, consider a trial lesson so you and your child can get to know this very important person in your child's music education.  Here are the Top 10 questions to ask them:

  1. How many years have you been teaching?
  2. Where do you provide lessons – your home, a studio, or in your student’s home?
  3. How many students do you teach, and at what levels?
  4. What kind of instrument(s) do you provide?
  5. Are you a RCM Certified Teacher?
  6. Do you teach private lessons, group lessons or both?
  7. Do you include the study of theory in the yearly lesson plan?
  8. Do you encourage parents to observe lessons or participate in practice sessions?
  9. What types of short- and long-term goals do you set for your students?
  10. Do you encourage your students to prepare for festivals and/or RCM exams?

Inclusion in the Directory does not constitute an endorsement of specific teachers. Students should consider their needs carefully in selecting the teacher who is right for them.

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